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Competitive Program Levels

USA North offers two levels of Competitive soccer: Premier and Select.  Positions on teams are competitively awarded based on skill and team need through a tryout and evaluation process each May. Players are accepted to their team for a one year (12-month) commitment beginning August 1st to July 31st the following year. 

The competitive nature of the selection process means that not every player will be offered a team position which they desire. We urge players to take advantage of an opportunity to play on a lower level team in order to advance their skills. Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, when a player demonstrates improvement.


Select level soccer offers a level of competition quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but typically a tier lower than Classic soccer. The time commitment for Select level soccer is quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer, but soccer doesn't take over players' lives. Select teams expect soccer to be top priority during the fall and spring seasons, but understand that other sports may take priority during winter and summer. Select teams typically train and play 8-10 months of the year. They train twice per week for 3 hours total, and play in pre- and post-season jamborees, league, and 1-2 local tournaments each season (Fall & Spring). The atmosphere at games and practices is more focused than Recreational soccer, and there is a high emphasis on technical, tactical, physical, and mental development. While the soccer gets more serious, the main goals are still having fun, growing as individuals and as a team, getting healthy exercise, learning life lessons, competing at the appropriate level and playing a game we love with our friends.



Premier level soccer is the highest level of competitive soccer within USA North. Premier level soccer is geared towards players who demonstrate only the highest level of talent and commitment. Players at this level will work hard to become the best they can be, excelling in technical and tactical skill, fitness, and sportsmanship.  These players will be highly proficient in the game and will be fully committed to the program for all practices, games and tournaments.  Premier teams typically train twice per week for 4 total hours, year-round.  During each season (Fall & Spring), Premier teams typically play pre- and post-season jamborees, league, and 3-4 regional and/or national tournaments. 

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