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Competitive Program

The USA North Competitive Program is a soccer program designed for Boys and Girls aged U9-U18. The Competitive Program provides a positive environment for players that demonstrate the necessary talent, skill, commitment, good sportsmanship and desire to continue to develop and compete at the highest levels.  The Competitive Program requires travel to local, regional and/or out-of-state tournaments, for players and their families.  Individual teams compete at various levels depending upon the competitive needs of the players involved.  The top team in an age group is Premier, followed by Select.  In some cases an age group will not have all levels or may have more than one team at a given level.


Competitive teams are formed through open tryouts in May of each year.  Positions on teams are competitively awarded based on skill and team need.  It is the nature of these programs and inherent in the selection process that not every player will be offered a team position which they desire.  We urge players to take advantage of an opportunity to play on a lower level team in order to advance their skills.  Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, when a player demonstrates improvement.


Players are accepted to their team for a one year (12-month) commitment beginning August 1st to July 31st the following year.  If you have any questions about the Competitive Program or would like additional information please contact Darrick Lubell, Director of Coaching at

U9-U10 (7v7)

The 7v7 programs are the first years for a player moving out of the recreational soccer environment and into a more developmentally focused one.  Keep in mind, players at this young age develop rapidly and team placements mean less at this age than any other. This program is players born in 2013 and 2012 (U9-U10) for the 2020-21 season.  All teams are trained by USSF-licensed coaches.


U11-U12 (9v9)

The 9v9 programs are major transition years for players in the U11-U12 ages. For the 2020-2021 season, that means players born in 2011 and 2010.  These programs build toward concepts that will be implemented in the 11v11 ages.  The focus remains proper skills acquisition and training techniques within a competitive environment.  All teams are trained by USSF-licensed coaches. 


U13-U18 (11v11)

Designed for players born in 2009 through 2002 (U13-U19) who play 11v11 and desire a highly competitive level of development. All teams are trained by USSF-licensed coaches.

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