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Competitive Program &

Player Development Programs 

Membership Rates

Membership Rate:


The Club Team Standard package is required for the Membership Rates of the Player Development Programs. 

Click Here for non-member training packages

(TSSA & Team Fees)

(No Fee Tryout)

Registration Fee

There is a one time registration fee for all players of $99 covering player insurance, Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) registration, and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) registration for the 2020-2021 club year.

Club Standard Team Fee

Club Standard Team fee covers the entire 2022-2023 Club Year (August 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023). Club Fees pay the salary of the coaches, field rental, field maintenance, and Club overhead.


Club fees are paid through the online registration system, and may be paid upfront in their entirety, or they may be paid in installments throughout the year.  The club will also work out individual payment plans if needed.  There is a $10 Processing Fee added to each installment of a payment plan.


Club Fees do not include the cost of uniforms, gear, tournament fees and expenses, or league and referee fees.  There are additional costs for off season programs such as SPARTA Off-Season, Summer, and Winter Training.

Tournament & League Fees

Additional Tournament & State League fees will apply but are not required. Fees are determined by the number of games, events, and additional team activities (i.e., tournaments, jamborees, team camp, leagues etc.) that a particular team engages in. Total of team fee is divided by the total number of players agreeing to play in each additional activity. Team manager will calculate and collect player share's of respective team fee.

Uniform Fees

The uniform kit is an additional fee. Team managers will provide more information on how to order uniforms.

Refund Policy

Once players accept position on a team and begin the registration process we do not facilitate refunds for any reason.

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