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Polymnios Avgousti

Nationality: Cypriot

Date of birth: 16th May 1990

Age: 26

Current Club: Carson Newman University (USA)

Foot: Both

Country of birth: Cyprus (EU)

Position: Central Midfield

2º Position: Right-Left Winger

Height: 5’7

Weight: 148lbs

International participation: ex Cyprus U-15, U-17 and U-19



Skills: Polymnios possesses great technique and football IQ and he is the type of player that can turn a game around from one moment to another. His teamwork, stamina, passion, passing ability and vision during the game, makes him an indispensable player. He is very strong build up and has a high defending ratio. He acts very smart during play by providing key passes to his teammates with those passes becoming assists at most of the times. He uses both feet during play especially when crossing a ball, thus he can play on both flanks as well. His possesses high speed with and without the ball on his feet. Because of his speed and technique he can surpass an opponent when in one vs one situation. He has a fierce shot and he is responsible of all set pieces. During play, he can easily be moved by his coach at different positions, always according to the tactical needs of the game and he can still keep his high level of commitment no matter the position he is asked to play.

Comments about character: Polymnios can adapt to any international environment due to the fact that he has studied Sports management in Portsmouth (England) and MBA in Tennessee (USA) and at the same time was playing soccer with their respective University Soccer Teams. He shows an exceptional behavior both inside and outside the field and he is a real professional at both training and games. His teammates and coaches love him and his opponents respect him. He always follows every single instruction he is given without any complain. He plays for the team and not for himself. He is really athletic and passionate with football. He doesn’t like to lose and he gives 110% to help his team even if the team is behind the score.

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1) 1996-2010 he was at Paphos FC in first division Cyprus (passed from all Paphos FC youth teams). At the age of 16,5 he had two appearances with the first team. At the age of 17-20 he was training with the first team and playing with the U-21 team.

2) 2010-2013 he was in England, at Portsmouth University Soccer Team, playing football and studying at the same time.

3) 2014 he was playing with ENAD FC in second division Cyprus.

4) 2015 and 2016 he was at Tennessee, USA, at Carson and Newman University Soccer Team, playing soccer and studying at the same time. Summer of 2015 he played with Nashville FC (fourth tier) to keep fit for a period of three months, until the University Soccer League starts again.


1) He was the youngest ever player of Paphos FC that appeared in first division level at the age of 16,5.

2) Nottingham Forest FC from England officially asked him to pass from a trial at the age of 15 after he was been spotted by a scout of the club. After successfully passing a two weeks trial in England, they recalled him again at the age of 16 for another two weeks trial in England and was chosen to stay and sign with a scholarship contract at Nottingham Forest FC. Unfortunately due to lack of football knowledge of his parents at that time, they did not allow him to go to England, instead they wanted him to stay and finish his studies in Cyprus as he was always an excellent student.

3) He was the only Cypriot player that was ever chosen to play with the Portsmouth University Soccer Team in all history of the University.

4) He never gave up his soccer dream despite studying in two different continents and finishing his studies with excellence in both Portsmouth and Tennessee.

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