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2024-2025 Tryouts and
Team Placement

(No Fee Tryout)

(TSSA & Team Fees)



Please Pre-Register through the link at the top. 


  • All players MUST wear soccer cleats and shin guards.  


  • Wear a White or Gray shirt, bring a soccer ball, and plenty of water.


Tryouts Location: Victor Ashe Park by the Large Rock at the Entrance across from the Volleyball Court.

Address: 4901 Bradshaw Rd, Knoxville, TN 37912


Players should show up early to check in and stretch out. Only players should be on the field areas during tryouts. Parents should remain in the upper viewing areas of the fields or behind the tent so that there are no distractions for any of the players. All players will be contacted after the last day of tryout for their age group within 24 hours so that they know the results of their tryout. Coaches of age groups will contact parents directly so that everyone is kept in the loop.

If you have any questions about tryouts, please contact Darrick Lubell at

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