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Player Development Programs



      Our Player Development Programs make supplemental training more effective and more affordable. Joining our club offers you the opportunity to train more consistently and with focused attention on specific areas of individual need. We have 3 training packages available to meet those needs or desires of the aspiring athlete. 


Club Team Standard

     This package is the standard for our Competitive Program as it provides the player with a team, practices, and gameplay within the CLAS league. Tournaments are an additional cost based on the required fees as set by the tournament organizing body. Our practice methodology will address individual technical skills and advance into team tactical play while challenging the athlete’s physical conditioning as determined by the coach. Some 1 on 1 time will be allocated when necessary in order to address the Player’s Objective to Practice (POP). Similar to homework, POP’s will change over time as the player’s skills develop and as the team progresses. Goalkeeper Training is provided at no extra cost but may require an extra day for Goalkeeper specific training.  Club teams generally have a spring and fall season as well as summer and winter training. As players move into the high school age groups our club offers one season of club soccer a year offset from the one season of High School soccer (the HS soccer would be played at the players HS through TSSAA and that particular high school program). So for HS girls club soccer would be winter/spring and for HS boys club soccer would be summer/fall.


SPARTA Conditioning

    Speed, Precision, Acceleration, Repetition/Recovery, Technique, and Agility. This is an affordable, follow-on athletic conditioning program focusing on increasing the player's athletic abilities. As young players are developing, there are many factors that can potentially cause postural deviations leading to injuries. Through a movement screening process and consistent evaluations, this program addresses any deficiencies or deviations that may be hindering the player. Corrective exercises may be necessary to bring the body back into balance to prevent injuries and ensure maximum athletic performance. The training sessions will be small group oriented and mixed ages for affordability and personal engagement with the staff. 



Elite Performance Training

    This is a personal coaching program intended to meet the needs of those with a serious desire for supplemental training, especially College hopefuls or other significant futures. Individualized training offers players more repetitions of drills concentrated on perfecting individual technical abilities, tactical strategies, and situational decision making. The 1 hour sessions are designed for 2 players to receive 30 minutes of individualized training and 30 minutes of support for the other player. 

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