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Elite Performance Training

      This program is for players looking to get the most focused coaching for skill development and decision making confidence. Team practices are effective, but the number of repetitions for each player in any tactical or technical drill will be much less than that of a personalized approach. The sessions will be with a partner and based on POP’s: a player’s Personal Objective to Practice. Whether the player needs a better first touch, non-dominant foot development, or more repetitions in situational strategies, this program will propel the athlete to greater levels of play faster than any team practice could. 


    With the use of various equipment and a partner, the coach will be able to create obstacles and challenges that will bolster the player's creativity, while the added repetitions increase precision, retention, and in-game reaction time. The pair of players will each get 30 minutes focused on their training objective and then support the training objective of their partner. 


     Recognizing the value and impact that personalized coaching can have on a player, we at USA North felt compelled to create the most attainable and thorough coaching program for any aspiring soccer player. 

  • Confidence

    • All players should see themselves as play-makers that want the ball at their feet or recognize how to involve themselves in the play at all times.​

  • Creativity​​

    • In order to beat a disciplined defense, players must become unpredictable through skillful maneuvers including an intentional first touch or simple deceptive movements. 

  • Precision

    • Increasing the repetitions of each drill will perfect the player's execution, adding confidence to the player's decisions​.

  • Retention

    • Concentrated exercises and unimpeded communication with the coach will increase the player's skill retention of each practice. ​

  • Reaction

    • Recognition through situational awareness will increase a player's in-game reaction time and decision making confidence. ​

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