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Seniors 13+

      Young athletes require considerable attention to their physical development for many reasons. The concept “neurons that fire together wire together” is crucial for understanding biomechanics, technique, and the deviations that can occur over time. Many sports having single-side dominant activities, such as throwing or kicking, can lead to imbalances in the twisting mechanisms used for generating power in those movements. It is imperative that imbalances are sought out and corrective exercises are implemented to bring the body back into alignment. After the movement screening process, SPARTA Conditioning can begin!


Speed - Precision - Acceleration - Repetition/Recovery - Technique - Agility


SPARTA Conditioning will include:

  • Movement Screening

  • Proper Warm-Up Progression 

  • Proper Running Form

  • Plyometric Drills

  • Ladder Training

  • Resistance Training

  • Interval Running

  • Proper Recovery Concepts

  • Nutrition

  • and more...


     Young athletes develop at different paces, but teaching the body proper techniques early on will greatly benefit the strength, balance, and athleticism of the athlete’s future. This conditioning program will ensure that the athlete’s physical readiness is not an impediment to success. The knowledge and skillsets required to play the game will be amplified by the explosive, dynamic abilities of an athlete's elite conditioning as well as the mental fortitude acquired having achieved it! 

    *SPARTA Conditioning is comprised of (2) In-Season Cycles during the Spring and Fall soccer seasons and (2) Off-Season Cycles during the Winter and Summer. The Off-Season Cycles are the most intense and are intended for the greatest performance changes or changes to body composition. In-Season Cycles focus more on skill specific activities and neuromuscular technique development. 

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