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SPARTA Juniors

(Ages 8-12)

     The goal of SPARTA Juniors is to introduce resistance training movements with the purpose of nueromuscular development and coordination which will increase muscular strength, but have a limited effect on muscular size. Proprioception is the body's ability to recognize its orientation during movements and resistance training greatly benefits the improvement of this coordination. This will greatly reduce the chances of injuries and accelerate the rate of athletic development through the pubescent years.

From the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA):

 "In adequately nourished children there is no scientific evidence that physical training delays or accelerates growth or maturation in boys and girls. Further, the osteogenic benefits of physical activity, specifically weight-bearing activities that generate compressive forces, are essential for skeletal remodeling and growth. "

"Preadolescent boys and girls can significantly improve their strength above and beyond growth and maturation with resistance training. Neurological factors, as opposed to hypertrophic factors, are primarily responsible for these gains."

    Speed - Precision - Acceleration - Repetition/Recovery - Technique - Agility


SPARTA Conditioning will include:

  • Running Mechanics

  • Exercise Form Instruction

  • Light Resistance Training

  • Introductory Plyometrics

  • Stretching Techniques

  • Nutrition Coaching 

We are offering both In-Season and Off-Season training for our SPARTA Juniors. See Upcoming Events for Off-Season training dates.

See our Price Guide

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