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Development Programs Overview

(S)peed, (P)erformance, (A)cceleration, (R)eaction, (T)echnique, and (A)gility

The SPARTA program goes above and beyond the east tn norm and brings players into direct contact with Olympic Athlete and SPARTA Coach Kim Hamilton. This program enables players to become better athletes while serving the duel purpose of reducing injury chance and duration. Preparation to be an athlete is crucial and leads to lifelong habits that create a healthier person both on and off the field.

Kimberly Hamilton "As a young athlete, basic skills of specific sports can be taught through team practices and clinics/camps. However, for those who are in need of specialized training such as: strength and conditioning, agility, speed/quickness or overall stamina may want to invest in some extra athletic coaching. Being an athlete and knowing I wanted to compete at the highest level provided a strong background and many years of experience that I want to pass on to other athletes. Ultimately, these factors also pushed me to engage in a career in sport and exercise and have allowed me to work with many athletes, young and old, sharing personal and team achievements by reaching goals."


Coerver - Ball Mastery

A system designed by world renowned Dutch soccer Master Wiel Coerver. Our Skills program details players in the mastery of first touch using all surfaces of the foot to manipulate and control the soccer ball under pressure and gives players the creativity to move in direction needed to possess, attack, and score.


Golden Goal - SSF
(S)triking, (S)hooting, and (F)inishing

Striking, Shooting, and Finishing techniques appropriate to age and level of players to give players a greater understanding of how to shoot and score with greater precision. Mastering scoring in soccer is one of the hardest concepts in all of sports and this program is designed to make the individual player more successful and have a complete understanding of the technical and tactical skills needed.


Goal Keeper

Training and exercises designed to work on keepers technique, feet, hands, and angles to help goalkeepers in all aspects of play including shot stopping, distribution, angles, and organizing defensive play.


(P)ersonal (O)bjective to (P)ractice

A program that enables players to work on a specific technical and specific athletic objective for each month of the season. This program will come out monthly with both a soccer and an athletic objective to work on for each player in the program. The goal of the program is to give players a player specific goal to improve on over the course of the month thereby giving players a specific and tangible activity for self improvement. The POP may be a weakness that the player needs to address, or a refinement of something they already do well, or even a challenge to take their game to a new level by pushing the boundaries of what they have already learned. The POP program gives players both feedback and objective to work on to enable their self improvement within the game of soccer and overall athletically.

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