Competitive Program

2017-2018 CLUB FEES Per Season (Fall 2017 / Spring 2018).
U9 / 09 birth year:  $175.00
U10 / 08 birth year:  $175.00
U11 / 07 birth year:  $215.00
U12 / 06 birth year:  $215.00
U13/ 05 birth year:  $350.00** ($225)
U14 / 04 birth year:  $350.00** ($225)
U15 / 03 birth year:  $720.00***
U16 / 02 birth year:  $720.00***
U17 / 01 birth year:  $750.00***
U18 / 00 birth year:  $750.00***
U19 / 99 birth year:  $750.00***


* There is a one time registration fee for all players of $45 covering USSoccer registration.

** For players in middle school season fees are $225 (Girls in fall, Boys in spring).

*** Includes Team Camp and winter program/facility fee.

Team Fees

Team fees are determined by the number of games, events, and additional team activities (i.e., tournaments, jamborees, team camp, leagues etc.) that the particular team engages in. Total of team fee is divided by the total number of players on a team to determine each player's share of the team fee. Team manager will calculate and collect player share's of respective team fee.

Uniform Fees

Each player is responsible for purchasing the basic uniform kit. For players already with a uniform you have the option to purchase additional pieces but do not need to. Uniforms are changed out roughly every two years.

Refund Policy

Once players accept position on a team and begin the registration process we do not facilitate refunds for any reason.